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  It's more than fishing ... it's a way of life.

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     Englewood Fishing Club            646 Rotonda Circle,

       Rotonda West,33947               Community Center

       Please watch the EFC      website for club info and      updates.


The week long contest will begin on Saturday October 17th at daybreak and end at midnight on Friday October 23rd. The featured species will be Redfish with all other listed species earning one point. Each angler catching a redfish will receive 2  points. The largest redfish will get 5 points, second longest 4 points and third longest 3 points. Points earned will be counted toward the Fisherman of The Year. There will not be monthly prizes.
As usual, the tournament will follow the catch, photo, and release format. Please send pictures and data to Steve Daniel by midnight on Friday the 23rd.

 We wish our best to all our members and hope they stay well during this trying period.





Updated and Amended April 1, 2019



1. The name of the Corporation is ENGLEWOOD FISHING CLUB, INC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Club”).



1. The Club shall have perpetual duration until such time as a standing duly elected Board of Directors deems it        necessary to dissolve the Englewood Fishing Club Inc. as per Article X.



1. The Club is a not for profit corporation. The purposes for which the Club is organized are:

                (A) The specific and primary purpose for which the corporation is formed is:

                                (a) To promote and inculcate interest in the civic and social affairs of the               community through fishing                                                       activities;

                                (b) To encourage the activity of fishing among its members;

                                (c) To promote and exchange ideas among its members and other anglers;

                                (d) To hold meetings and social gatherings for the better realization of the above-named purposes.

                                (e) To educate members and meeting guests in fishing skills, by monthly instruction from Charter                                                 Captains and regional experts.

                (B) The general purpose for which the Club is formed is to operate exclusively for such educational and                                        charitable purposes as will qualify it as a tax exempt organization.

                (C ) This Club shall not, as a substantial part of its activities, carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to                                           influence legislation; nor shall it participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any                                               candidate for public office.


1. The Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) and Officers of the Club shall be Club members, duly elected to the Board. The elected Board shall consist of nine (9) total members. Officers of the Club shall be nominated from the Board, elected by the Board (per Article VII) and consist of:

                (A) President

                                (a) Presides over all meetings

                                (b) Directs all official business

                                (c) Guides and directs members and Officers/Directors toward the Club goals and missions

                                d) Assists all Officers and Directors with their duties as needed.

                (B) Vice-President

                                (a) Assists the President when needed

                                (b) Presides over meetings when President is not able to attend

                                (c) Assists the President in running the Club

                                (d) The Vice-President will be in charge of communicating and organizing Club meetings.

                (C) Treasurer

                                (a) Shall be responsible for the collection and maintenance of all monies               and funds for the Club.

                                (b) Shall account for and maintain, in a general business manner, an accounting of all Club monies, funds                                       and finances.

                                (c) Will prepare and present two reports to the Board at the January Board meeting (the Annual                                                                       Revenue & Expense Report and the Annual Projected Budget Report).

                                (d) Will also present a monthly report on the Club’s finances.

                                (e) Will disburse funds as ordered by the Board, taking proper vouchers,              and reporting such                                                                disbursements to the Board.

                                (f) Will chair a meeting in December of all Board members to develop a Club budget for the following                                           year.

                (D) Secretary

                                (a) Shall record and maintain accurate minutes of all Board meetings.

                                (b) Present to the Board, in a timely manner, a copy (written or electronic) of minutes for the Board to                                                       review.

                                (c) Maintain and/or record all written documents of the Club’s activities.

                                (d) Provide written records to any members as directed by the Board.



2. An "assistant" may be appointed by the President to assist Club Officers in their duties.

3. In case of long term absence or resignation of any Officer or Board member, the Board may delegate the                             powers/duties of said Officer or Board member to any other Officer or Director.

                4. Officers and Directors shall not receive any salary for their services.

5. An Officer or Director of the Club may be removed from office for:

                (A) Reasons in Article V (2)

                (B) Non-performance of duties including, but not limited to, non-attendance at Board meetings.

                (C) Removal shall follow the directive under Article VII (4).




1. A Fully paid up members shall be considered to be in “good standing” and shall be empowered to be members of the Board or vote. Membership dues shall be as designated by the Board annually, payable by the January General meeting of the calendar year. Membership shall include the immediate family including spouse and dependent children up to 18 years of age or above in cases of dependent children who are mentally or physically disabled. Membership shall constitute one (1) vote on any business or agenda.

  2. A member shall be removed from the membership roll by the Board for:

                (A) Failure to pay dues. Failure to pay dues will be cause for automatic removal from membership.

                (B) Any action by the member which would reflect dishonor or disgrace to the Club or any Club member.

3. A general membership quorum necessary for voting on Club business and in elections shall be a minimum of fifteen (15)  members or thirty (30%)  of the total membership in good standing.

4. A Quorum of the Board in the conduct of business shall be a minimum of four (4) Directors or Officers of the Board, of which at least two (2) officers must be present.




1. Regular meetings will be held on the second Thursday of every month, unless specified otherwise, at a time and location to be advised. Board meetings will be held on the Forth Monday of every month unless specified otherwise,  at a time and location to be advised, and may be attended by any members in good standing to observe the Board meeting process. The visiting members may only address the Board with the permission of the President. Board meetings may be changed at the discretion of the President. Committee meetings will be called by the Committee Chairman as and when necessary.


2. The order of business to be conducted at the regular meetings of the Club will normally be as follows:

                (A) President opens the meeting at 6:30pm.

                (B) A brief business session including Committee Reports, old and new business.

                (C) Seminars

                (D) President closes the meeting.

3. General membership meetings may be open or closed to the public at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

4. Board of Directors meetings may follow the following format:

                (A) Establish that a quorum of officers and members has been met.

                (B) Report from committees .

                (C) Old business.

                (D) New Business.




1. Every other year, at the regular October membership meeting nominations of members to

stand for election to the Board of Directors will be solicited. At the following November

meeting, the Board shall present a slate of nominees for the election of Board members for the

upcoming term. The members nominated shall be reviewed by the Election Committee, for

accuracy and qualifications prior to presentation to the general membership. The general

membership will then be advised of the revised slate of nominees and elections will take place

at the regular December meeting. The term of office for Directors and Officers is two calendar


2. Officers of the Club will be nominated by and from the newly elected Board. Nominations

for Officers will be voted on and elected to their posts by the majority of Board members present

at the first calendar regularly scheduled Board meeting following the elections.

3. In the event of Officer or Director vacancies, the remaining members of the Board shall ask

for volunteers/nominations from the membership to fill the unexpired term. The replacement

officer/director will be “appointed” by the Board, with the approval of the majority of the

Board, and serve until the next election.

4. Should an Officer or Director need to be removed from office, the following procedure must

be followed:

                (A) A written request must be presented to the Board, giving full statement and reason for removal.

                (B) A Board must convene to review the request.

                (C) Two-thirds of the full Board (6 Directors) must vote in the affirmative in order to remove any Officer or                 Director.

                (D) The President shall inform the Officer or Director, in writing, of the decision of the Board and removal from                 office.

                (E) The President shall inform the general membership of the decision of the Board.

                (F) Should the action be against the club President, the Vice President shall be acting official in place of the                 President.




1. The Club shall have, but not limited to, the following standing committees with volunteers

and appointees as appropriate.

2. Each committee shall have a  board member as chairperson, who is responsible for that committee and report

to the Board in a timely manner, on the status of that committee.

3. Committees:

                (A) Membership Committee -This committee shall be responsible for duties involving Club membership, which                 include:

                                (a) Establish a structured (or use existing) format which allows persons to become Members

                                (b) Provide a venue by which persons can become a member (e.g. sign up at meetings, website, other)

                                (c) Establish a written documentation of the Club membership.

                                (d) Provide all Officers and Directors with timely updated membership documentation and projects.

                                (e) Establish and provide a means by which any funds received from members be channeled to the                                              Treasurer of the Club for accounting.

                                (f) Periodically review status of current Club membership and future membership endeavors.

                                (g) Maintain written records of the committee.

                                (h) Provide notification to all members, Board  and outside agencies of all meetings and events by                                                 means of the club newsletter.

                (B) Events & Meetings Committee - This committee shall be responsible for:

                                (a) Scheduling and coordinating meetings, seminars, events and community volunteer efforts.

                                (b) Maintain written records of the committee.

                (C) Fishing & Tournament Committee - This committee shall be responsible for:

                                (a) The coordinating and scheduling of all fishing and fishing tournaments, per the direction of the                                                 Board.

                                (b) Coordinating fishing events and tournaments with other committees to ensure project commitment.

                                (c) Establish a format which allows for the involvement of members including the Board and Officers.

                                (d) Provide the Board and committee chairpersons, timely updates of this committee and any project                                         involvement.

                                (e) Provide the Board with written documentation of each project.

                 (D) Website Committee - this committee shall be chaired by the webmaster, if the webmaster is a Club member.                 If the webmaster is not a Club member, the Board shall appoint a chairperson. This committee shall be                 responsible for:

                                (a) Assuring the Club website is properly operational and functional as per the direction of the Board.

                                (b) Updating the Club website in a timely manner with provided information for changes.

                                (c) Notify members and the Board of any functional or critical changes to the website which might affect                                       the members.

                                (d) Provide a format or forum by which the membership will have input to the website.

                                (e) Provide written periodic update reports to the Board.

                (E) Social Committee -this committee shall be responsible for:

                                (a) Coordinating and scheduling the Club’s social activities.

                                (b) Providing social activities to all other committees as requested or needed.

                                (c) Providing a means by which Club members may have input or assistance to the committee.

                                (d) Providing the membership and Board a timely status report of all social activities.

                (F) Special Committees -The Board may form special committees to assist with running the Club. These special                 committees shall report to the Board as appropriate .




1. The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by two-thirds vote of the members

present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at

least one regular meeting prior to the vote.

2. All other Club and Board business votes require a simple majority vote for passage, provided

the “quorum” requirements are met with the exception noted in Article X.




1. In the event it becomes necessary to dissolve the Club, a standing duly elected Board of

Directors may dissolve the Englewood Fishing Club Inc., only after:

                (A) Presenting a written termination procedure to the full general membership for approval of dissolution.

                (B) Providing written documentation of a 100% vote in the affirmative, for dissolution, by the present Board of                 Directors.

                (C) The written termination documentation approved by the Board shall be communication to the membership                 one month prior to the Club vote. The termination  vote by the membership shall be by ballot with minimum 75                 percent (75%) of the members present to win approval.

                (D) Complying with all state and local laws pertaining to dissolution.

2. Upon dissolution of the Club, the net assets of the Club are to be distributed to an

appropriate NOT FOR PROFIT ENTITY as decided by the Board.


Amended by the present Board of Directors as per Article IX of these Bi-Laws on April 1, 2019.


             Your Englewood Fishing                   Club annual Dues of $50.00 are due January 1st, of each year. You must be a Member to participate in Englewood            Fishing Club activities. 

        George Fox Honorary Children’s

             Fishing Awards Program


The Club will conduct a program to reward children (age 12 and younger) who catch a fish between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st.

The Children's Fishing Awards Program will be extended from January 1st though December 31st. This is a great way to foster interest in our sport and have a great time in the process. You may be helping a generation of future club members! All children age twelve and under are eligible, you may sponsor as many children  as you like. They don’t need to be related to a club member. A club member must be the one taking the child fishing. Please send a photo of the youngster holding his/her catch, the child’s name, and the date of the catch via email to:        

Debbie  Jones                                        packd315@yahoo.com 



Their reward will be a framed certificate, with their picture, that documents that they are honorary members of the Englewood Fishing Club and
 also receive a Fishing Rod . 

The Englewood Fishing Club, Inc.
The Englewood Fishing Club, Inc. was started in April, 2004 by a small group of recreational fishermen who just wanted to meet, talk and socialize with other fishermen and in the process become better fishermen, go fishing more and help conserve the marine environment for the future.  We are now an ongoing sport fishing and social organization with a membership of over 150 fishing enthusiasts.

Starting in September 2018 the Englewood Fishing Club Meetings are held at.

Rotonda West Community Center, 646 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West. FL


Driving on Route 776 from the east make a left turn on to  Sunnybrook stay on Sunnybrook until you get to Rotonda Circle make a Left on to Rontonda Circle and go to 646 Rotonda Circle make a right into Rontonda Community Center

Driving on Route 776 from the West make a Right turn on to Sunnybrook stay on Sunnybrook until you get to Rotonda Circle make a Left on to Rontonda Circle and go to 646 Rotonda Circle make a right into Rontonda Community Center

You may also take Gulfstream from either direction to Sunnybrook and follow direction from above. 

From Placida Road (hwy775), turn East on Rotonda West and go to parade circle. Turn left on Parade circle and then turn left on Rotonda North. Go to Rotonda Circle and turn right and then right again at 646 Rotonda Circle into the community center.

 See the Monthly Newsletter for more news and event details.

Membership renewal

  The success of our club depends on paid up members.  While visitors are always welcome, it is through membership dues that allows our club to hold meetings with guest speakers, sponsor events, and participate in other charitable activities.

Membership is from Jan.1st through Dec. 31st of each year. Dues are due on January 1, of each year. The dues for 2021 will be $50.00. 

If you have already paid for 2021, we thank you.  If not, please pay Gayle Walsh at the next meeting or send your check to her at 690 South Mc Call Road, Englewood, FL 34223.  Make checks payable to the Englewood Fishing Club.

Club Hats and T's are for sale at all meetings.


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